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Riots at Notthingham, 15th February 1812

February 15, 2012


It is with very great pleasure we state, that the destruction of frames this week has been much less than that of the last.

On Monday evening one frame was broken at Bobber’s Mill, and carried clean away; and one on Tuesday night, at the same place. On the last mentioned evening, one frame was broken at Basford, and the same evening two were broken at Taghill, in the vicinity of Heanor, in Derbyshire, and five at Burton Joice.

On Tuesday the Royal Nottinghamshire Militia arrived here, in 38 waggons, they having left Woodbridge barracks, in Suffolk, at 7 o’clock on Friday evening last. Yesterday two field pieces arrived, which belong to the regiment. On Wednesday two more troops of the Huzzars likewise entered this town. We understand that the two London Magistrates have been using their utmost endeavours to learn whether politics have any connexion with the present troubles in this neighbourhood; and we likewise understand they are convinced of the contrary.

Committed since our last, for trial at the Assizes, William Barnes, of Basford, charged with having , in company with divers other persons at present unknown, wilfully, maliciously, and feloniously, broken, destroyed and damaged two frames.

LETTER FROM LUDD – The following is a literal copy of a letter stated to have accompanied the returned articles which had been stolen at the time when the frames were broken at Clifton.

Unknown Stranger, I have intrusted these Articles into your Care and I do insist that you will see that they are Restored to their respective oners it is with extream Regrat that I inform yow hau thay Came into my hans when I came out with my men their weir sum joind us that I Never had ad with me before and it wear these Villinds that plundered but ass we wear goin out of Clifton one of my Men came and told me that he Believd that those Men ad got some thinck that they had no Business with I therefore gave horders that they should be searched and what we found on them we left the things at the Lown End and I hope that the oners has got agen we were gust agoen to have hang’d one of the Villends when we were informed that the Solders weir at hand and we thot it Right to Retreat.

N.B. The Men that had the things weir entire strangers to my horders or they Never dworst not have tuch’d one thinck but they have been punished for their vileny for one of them have been hangd for 3 Menct and then Let down agane I hom a friend to the pore and Distrest and a enemy to the oppressors thron. (Signed) GENERAL LUDD

Source: Leeds Mercury, 15 February 1812, p.4.

*Note: Here the Mercury is again reprinting an item that had appeared in an another newspaper, possibly Nottingham Review and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties, which began publication in 1808.

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